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What You Will Need

A concrete grinder with Diamond tooling, Polishing pads, Work gloves and Safety glasses

Using a concrete grinder removes all the guesswork involved with polishing concrete surfaces and turning rough edges into smooth, well polished ones. These grinders are versatile and durable and are also capable of being used to rough up floors in preparation for adding a nice finish.

Anyone wishing to add to the curb appeal of their home can easily learn the proper use of concrete grinders. Traditional models are more expensive and can handle larger surfaces in less time, but handheld models offer better control. Any ambitious person willing to learn how to use this powerful tool can do so with a little investment of time, patience and practice, take on the job of polishing concrete floors and patios and succeed.

Step 1. Get to Know Your Grinders

Every grinder model has different features. Before using grinders for the first time, read the instruction manual for tips on safety. Power switches are particularly important. Notice whether or not the brand and model you have selected is suitable for use on dry or wet concrete. Some models can be used in both situations. Information about this is typically spelled out right on the grinder itself.

Step 2. Grinder Preparation

Before starting, depress the grinder’s handle to release pressure on the grinding disc without removing it from the surface of the slab. Switching the weight like this helps the motor reach peak operating speed without excess speed at the startup.

Step 3. Grinder Start

There are two wheel settings on a grinder. One wheel is for transport and the other for concrete grinding. To avoid damage to the grinder accessories, ensure that the wheels are in the rear position when grinding. Switch the “Start” on the motor’s starter box to the on position and after the motor has gained operational speed place the grinder on the slab to grind the surface.

Step 4 Surface Concrete Grinding

To begin, move the grinder back and forth on the surface. This side to side action will eliminate the possibility of swirl marks being made on the surface. If your model is equipped for both wet and dry concrete grinding, you can choose the wet grind option is you like. For this, lightly dampen the floor using a fine mist to reduce dust. Adding excess water will not help in this process, but it will make you work harder during cleanup. The same side to side action should be used with wet grinding.

Step 5. Cleanup

Disconnect the grinder from the outlet and clean dried debris and hardened concrete from the tool using dissolvers when necessary. Before storing your grinder, rinse away remaining particles.

You should take pride in your work and the more you use concrete grinders for concrete polishing new surfaces or polishing older floors the better you will get. Polishing concrete is one of the best ways of enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

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